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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Crazy Move

My husband and my 3 little ones who are 4, 3, and 1 are now in NC. My husband had been traveling SO much and it was really hard on our family. His employer said the travel could stop if we all moved to NC. SO, even though it was INSANE to think about packing and moving in one week, we did it! That is what I have been doing and why you haven't heard from me here in the blogger world :-) So, I am finally settled here :-) We moved March 30th, to a fully furnished home in Cary, NC.
I do not EVER recommend renting a fully furnished home. We are here with someone else's stuff, which would be fine I think, but I am really anal. The place was pretty nasty, but it is clean now and my kids have all there things, so that is happy :-) I took down pictures, removed curtains, and re-arranged furniture and it feels more like home now.
I am really missing not being able to truly make the place how I want it. I am SO glad I brought some accent pillows, family photos, and of course, lampshades. I put the lampshade in the picture in our living room. I made it about a week before we moved and I loved it so much I couldn't part with it :-) I also messed it up, so I couldn't sell it :-) It makes me smile and feel at home here. Really I believe you can make any place a home. Our family is together, praise God for that. So, I will save a lot of money since we won't be here very long, I won't be buying fun things to decorate. We really are not sure what will happen after Sept. 3oth. I am truly learning to trust God to provide and give us wisdom with the million decisions we have to make. Well, I am reading daily in the book of James, haven't yet learned it :-) We are needing to rent our townhouse in Jacksonville FL. It is a beautiful Fully Furnished home that I DO recommend renting ;-)
I am really excited that there is a couple renting it for their honeymoon next weekend, how fun is that? I love that our home can be a cozy, relaxing place for other families to share.
Remember, you can truly make your space like home no matter how big or small. Even if you are surrounded by all these things that are not "yours."
Try buying a lamp :-) Seriously, lighting can make a space feel instantly cozy.
Put a cozy blanket on a chair or couch in the living room.
Add a family photo to your kitchen counter
Use a lamp as a bookend for all those cookbooks that won't stay up :-)
Buy some fresh flowers and put them in your favorite china tea cup that you never use
Swap curtains from your bedroom and put them in your living room, they will feel brand new
Move your furniture around to a place it has never been
At the end of the day take a bath and light the candles, treat yourself to a handful of chocolate chips and a glass of wine.

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Melissa Pearce said...

I love your tips! And I totally love a handful of chocolate chips with wine. I don't buy candy to keep in the house, but when I want chocolate I sure do go for a few chocolate chips! It was such a blessing to be in your home and see how lovely a home can be without spending a fortune.