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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy Blogging

I have had this blog since October 2008 and have just now figured out how I can actually keep up with it. Although I haven't figured out how to do everything correct :-)
My sweet sister-in-law Anna is the one that gets the credit for pushing me, encouraging me, however you want to put it, to start a blog. She is an amazing writer and has been blogging for awhile now. Once my blog was set up I kind of freaked out. The only thing I new was Anna's blog. How in the world can I write that many stories about lighting, lampshades, light bulbs, anything that made sense to go along with shadethatlamp. It was one of those, let's just do it cause your so excited, but not think through it. Well, I now know I don't have to be a great writer like Anna to keep up with my blog :-) If you haven't been to her blog, you need to http://www.newlywedcentral.blogspot.com/

Isn't it great that God has wired us all different so we can celebrate each others gifts and talents and learn from each other? My friend Jen is also a good writer and has a blog. I believe her amazing gift is photography. She is unbelievable. Her blog is where I got the idea for my blog :-) Thanks Jen. I realized that I can write a little about each lampshade I make and post a picture. I think I can handle that as a wife and mother of 3 :-), we'll see.
Check Jen's blog out at http://www.jenarthurphotography.blogspot.com/

Then I thought, OH NO, I have made a lot of lampshades how will I ever catch up. Well, I won't catch up, can't. Remember I have 3 kids who need me all day :-) Therefore, I will just tell you that the lampshades on the right side of my blog are either in my home, or someone elses :-) Some of the lampshades were custom orders and some were gifts to friends and family.

You will see that I wrote above each picture where each of my lampshades are in my home. I also included the different sizes I make. There are other examples of everything I make as you scroll down. So, when you are ready to have me customize your lampshade, let me know. I am about to open an etsy shop where you will be able to choose from things already made. I am very excited about this.
Thanks everyone for visiting my blog. If you have been a customer of mine before now, sorry I didn't write about you :-) You can see I am not so good at it. But I am excited to share how I have been blessed and am having a blast making all kinds of lampshades for all kinds of people!

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The Reality of Happily Ever After said...

I LOVE IT!! You are awesome and one more reason I love you so much :)