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Monday, July 27, 2009

Fun Custom Lampshades

These custom lampshades were made for a sweet friend. I made this small purple drum as a gift for Anna, who watches my 3 children. They love her and I did not love her lampshade in her bedroom :-) Anna is way more fun then a plain white lampshade. So, I customized this one to surprise her. She loved it and it was so crazy how it really completed the look of her bedside table.

Once her mom, my sweet friend, Barb, saw what a difference it made, she hired me to make this one for her living room. It looks fabulous in the room and really goes great with her other fabrics.

This last shade was one that Barb wanted for Anna's desk. I was SO delighted when I found a fabric with a little orange in it for Anna. She told me she wanted to paint her room orange, but Barb said no :-) So at least she has a new fun lampshade to satisfy her orange craving! Thank you guys. Hope your lampshades make you smile every day!


the rusty cupboard said...

How funny. I posted a question about a month ago about lampshades and them while looking I discovered your site. thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

Them Lamp Shades are beautiful, anyway i can get them in the UK?

Terrie said...

I am looking for a purple drum lamp shade =- prefer it velvet - larger size - like the brown one you displayed as sold on etsy.