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Saturday, August 22, 2009

OH the Frustrations of Moving!

Okay, so you know how stinking excited I am about all the bargains I go for our new rental home. Well, I can't find my camera chord, so I can't show any before and after shots of anything right now, ugh! So frustrating to lose things in a move that was less than 10 miles from our last house here in NC.

We are almost settled in our new home. It is such a happy thought to almost be there and know we can stay put for 2 years. Remember, our desire is to get completely out of debt in the next 2 years before we buy a house. Also, we still have a house in Fl., it is available in Oct. if any of you ladies want a great vacation, we can get you a deal :-)

Oh happy, I can post some of our Townhouse pictures, those are on my computer. So the pictures you will see at the end of the post are of our home in Fl., which is a fully furnished, you only bring your clothes, home for you to rent.

So, in the last 2 weeks I have made 16 lampshades. Crazy fun! Some are for our new home here, the rest were custom orders for local customers and through my etsy shop. I can't wait to find my camera chord, because I am pleased to tell you I now offer accent pillows to go with your lampshade, for only $20 a pillow. I recently have made several for lampshade customers that I took pictures of. A pillow and lampshade to match, is a really great, and inexpensive way to get a completely custom look in your space. You can always send me your fabric, actually my last 3 etsy customers have done that, it is so fun to learn about these women, just through their choice of fabric.

So, forgive me for not updating you on my $1000 house of furniture. It is coming together beautifully and I can't wait to share all that God has provided, and Oh the clever mind He has had to give me to make everything work in this space :-)

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