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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Top Ten

  1. Now that the weather's warm and you are enjoying your front and back porch, put a lamp on the side table. It will make your porch very welcoming and cozy.
  2. Change all your light bulbs out for 40 Watt bulbs or less. To get the coziest feel, use a 25 Watt bulb. Try it, you will be SO happy you did.
  3. If you have task lighting use 60 Watt, no higher :-)
  4. Take your bedroom lamps and switch them out with your living room lamps for a free fresh look.
  5. If you only have overhead lighting in your home, go to Target, Walmart, Lowes, TJ Maxx, or Home Goods and treat yourself to a new lamp. You will be so happy you did. If you did this, let me know, and I will customize the perfect shade for you to complete your look. I will do this, with FREE SHIPPING!!! A $10-$22 savings depending on the size shade. I only use UPS, so your lampshade is carefully packaged, shipped and insured.
  6. Try putting a small lamp on your kitchen counter instead of using your stove light. It will add some unpredictable fun to your kitchen. Or try it in your bathroom instead of a nightlight.
  7. Put a dimmer light over your dining room table for those intimate special occasions. If you don't have romantic dinners at home :-) the lighting will create the mood for you.
  8. Take down your ceiling fan and switch it out for a fabulous chandelier, this can work in any room.
  9. When it gets dark out, go throughout your home and turn on only your lamps, you will feel like you are in a bed and breakfast.
  10. Again, I will say, if you can't do any of these things because you do not even own a lamp, please buy at least one for the room you spend the most time in. You will not regret it. You can find some really great and fun vintage lamps at Goodwill. We can take care of the shade here!

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Jen Arthur said...

What great tips! Love those ideas!