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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Works Of Art

So you never know what will happen when you talk to a total stranger. I was having a conversation with the cashier at Michael's a few weeks ago about my lampshades. Through our conversation she told me about a new store in town that sells all things handmade by local artisans. Well, I never did check it out that week or even the next.

Last Thursday I had a rare and beautiful moment of being by myself, without my 3 lovely little ones :-) I decided to go check out the store. I was amazed at all the beautiful art, jewelry, furniture, clothing and other works of art.

Of course this wasn't a planned stop, so I didn't have a lampshade in the car to show the owner :-) I did however, have a new business card. So I told her what I made and asked her to check out my blog, since almost every lampshade I have ever made is on here.

I walked around the 1700 sq foot space of handmade items, while she was looking at my blog and etsy store. After a few minutes she came to me and said she thought my lampshades were beautiful and would love to have me on board.

WHAT!!!! I couldn't believe it. I was so excited. So, I got the details and told her I wanted to go home and talk to my husband about it.

Of course I ran in the front door throwing up all my excitement onto my husband and children. My sweet husband was so thrilled for me and said, let's pack up the kids and go check it out. We agreed to have a little shop and Friday night we spent our date night at Works of Art setting up my little shop. By Saturday afternoon everything was done.

So crazy to think I am selling my lampshades in a local store now. If you are not a local you can still buy my lampshades at http://shadethatlamp@etsy.com Of course I would love to hear from you through email too. I welcome custom requests and now you can purchase through pay-pal. I feel very computer smart :-) I am SO not.

So, the above pictures are of my 50x50 square foot Shade That Lamp shop. My shop is #5-A at Works of Art 7999 Philips Hwy, Suite 100, Jacksonville Fl

Since my space was so small I had to figure out a way to get all my shades displayed. I thought the ceiling would be perfect. Then my husband came up with a very clever way for people to be able to take them off easy. It is like a bracelet hook. A stick goes through the washer hole on the shade. Not sure how else to describe it.

Thanks for being excited with me about this. The GRAND OPENING of "Works of Art" is this Saturday, February 28th from 10am-10pm.

Remember you never know what might come into your life by starting a conversation with a total stranger :-)


Jen Arthur said...

You are hilarious. I love your write-up about the store and how it all transpired. I'm just so proud of you! I can't say I'm surprised about this because your shades are gorgeous and I think all stores should sell them : ) I'm super happy for you and I know everyone who walks in that store will be so impressed and won't be able to help but walk out with one of your shades. Yay, Tory!

Always Pretty in Pink said...

Congratulations! That is so great! I'm looking at your etsy shop right now. :)

Kelly said...

Congrats on the store placement Victoria. So far the store looks great. I need to go check it out.

Melissa Vest Designs said...

I love how you displayed the shades! They are beautiful! Thanks again for all of your help and kindness, you're going to be a smash hit!!! :-D

Urban LifeStyle Decor said...

Your lamps are way vintage modern cool. Love, love them. ~ susan