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Friday, February 27, 2009

And the WINNER IS .....

First, I have to say, you guys totally blew me away, THANK YOU to all my new followers and for every one's sweet and encouraging words.

I had to share some things you all said:

My new house would be So thrilled to have new lampshades.

My rooms could definitely benefit from one of those.

I'm in love with these types of decorating fixes!

New lampshades really do make a difference.

WOW! That is so great!

Want one for every room, I love them.

I want a custom shade!

Love them... it's making me rethink the shades I have now.

Absolutely Gorgeous, Amazing, Awesome, Classy, Fabulous, Fantastic, Fun, Incredible, Pretty, and Wonderful!

Okay so I think YOU are all WONDERFUL! I wanted to somehow give you that love back and let you know how incredibly blessed I felt because of your encouragement. SO, since you really think my lampshades are all those things you said and you would want one, I want to make it easier for those of you who didn't win, to get one :-)

Is anyone annoyed with me that I still haven't announced the winner? I know you already looked. Keep reading you'll love the next part.

I want to offer all my followers a 10% off discount on any lampshade in my etsy shop for the entire month of March. Wait, there is more :-) If you decide you don't see anything that works for your home, let me customize one for you and you get 10% off, plus a free gift. It's a secret though. You tell me your kitchen colors and I will send another handmade surprise with your lampshade or shades. Some of you asked if I make a set or pairs of lampshades, YES. When I say I have never made 2 of the same it is true, but I have made pairs to go along side each bed table or couch. That is the beauty of fabric. Unless we go with a solid, your lampshades will be in the same fabric, but can look a little different depending on the pattern. Turn your shade a few inches and you have a brand new shade :-)

SO, now we find out who we can celebrate with....amybyrd Yeah, Congrats! Can't wait to customize a shade for your home Amy. Please email me at shadethatlamp@gmail.com and we will get started today!

If anyone decides you like one in my etsy store. Go to my etsy shop and look in the right hand column where it says contact shadethatlamp. Send me a message, I will take 10% off and put your order in my custom reserve section in my shop. You can pay through pay-pal and have your lampshade mailed in 1 day :-) Look forward to hearing from you!

THANK YOU SO MUCH, Anna for your sweet post about me and my lampshades :-)

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